Baris IcecreamTM

'Baris Icecream' is an unmanned ice-cream machine utilizing a coporative robot 'baris'. It delivers icecream to customer if if they order.


24-hour accessible soft icecream
Baris does not require manual operation. It offers automatic instantaneous iceceram robot service to customers. Customers may experience soft icecream on 24 hours, 365 day.

Simple Operation and Management
As long as the icecream capsules are filled up in an integrated fridge, Baris takes care of icecream making and delivery process. The customer and purchasing information is stored in the cloud in real-time. The system notifies the operator when the stock runs low, such that the platform allows the user to manage with minimum effort.

Fresh Robot Experience
Baris attracts attention. Icecream made by a robot arm brings a new experience to customers. Instagrammable robot motion drags customers' attention and draws out the desire to experience the icecream.

Rich-flavor icecream based on the gourmet basics
Baris icecream is loyal to the gourmet basics. Gelato icecream with rich flavor is offered with three different shape depending on the size, and flavors. It provides high-level dessert.

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